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Innovative. Effective. Persistent

Why Use TopSani®?

  • Non-Alcohol Based
  • 4 Hour Residual Protection
  • Kills Bacteria & Virus Instantly
  • Non-irritant, Moisturizer
  • Germs Cannot Build Resistance
  • Penetrates Through All Residue
  • Schools Allow It
  • Gentle For Children

Fight Germs With TopSani.

TopSani, the new generation hand sanitizer, is the result of the market's urgent need for an effective non-alcohol based hand sanitizer that kills microorganisms instantly, while providing your hands with continuous protection for up to 4 hours.

This new revolutionary, FDA approved, non-alcohol based formula guarantees control of bacteria, fungi and virus by physically and chemically interfering with their metabolism or normal behavior; hence microorganisms cannot build resistance to TopSani and therefore reduce the risk of cross contamination.

With TopSani you no longer have to worry about dry and irritated hands, but rather enjoy soft and moisturized skin.

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